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Amazon Echo Dot – brings Alexa’s voice controls to whatever speakers you want

Donnerstag, März 3rd, 2016


Samsung SSD PM1633a 15 TByte – speichert mehr als jede andere sich drehende Festplatte

Donnerstag, März 3rd, 2016


Erpressung mit Trojaner TeslaCrypt – Stadtverwaltung im unterfränkischen Dettelbach zahlte Lösegeld

Donnerstag, März 3rd, 2016

Microsoft Office Word 2010 – when should I use trusted location

Donnerstag, März 3rd, 2016

MicrosoftOffice_logo   You should use a trusted location to store a file when you don’t want that file to be checked by the Trust Center security feature when you open the file. For example, you might want to open a document that contains a macro that the Trust Center disables because the Trust Center considers the macro unsafe. If you think that the document and the macro in the document are from a trustworthy source, it is better to move the document to a trusted location, instead of changing the default Trust Center settings to a less safe macro security setting. When you open the file from the trusted location, it is not checked by the Trust Center security feature, you won’t receive any security alerts, and the macro is enabled. For more information about macro security see – Enable or disable macros in Office documents