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Space Shuttle Launch – viewed from an airplane

Montag, Februar 28th, 2011

Intel Solid-State Drive 510 Series – SATA 6G for up to 500 MB/s reads

Montag, Februar 28th, 2011

intel_logo.jpg    The Intel Solid-State Drive 510 Series accelerates SATA throughput for demanding client systems by utilizing SATA 6G performance and proven Intel NAND Flash Memory based SSD technology


Intel Thunderbolt technology – the fastest Data Connection to your PC

Sonntag, Februar 27th, 2011

intel_logo.jpgintel_thunderbolt_logo.jpg   Intel Thunderbolt technology is a transformational I/O innovation that provides a leap in performance  over current I/O technologies with 10 Gbps of full-duplex bandwidth per channel. It significantly simplifies the end-user experience by concurrently supporting data and display connections over a single cable


NEC Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner – it will be able to identify a person’s unique hand characteristics without making any contact

Sonntag, Februar 27th, 2011

nec_logo.jpg   NEC Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner HS100-10 a new generation fingerprint and finger vein hybrid multimodal scanner is an integrated unit that enhances the features of a conventional optical sensor and utilizes the features of NEC’s original finger data capturing method


Saisonkennzeichen – 03 bis 10

Sonntag, Februar 27th, 2011

Drive Bender – state of the art storage pool technology

Samstag, Februar 26th, 2011

divebender_logo.jpg   Drive Bender presents multiple hard drives as a single pool of data storage either as a logical drive letter or a network shared drive. Drive Bender is able to do this with internal and USB (or any externally) connected hard drives of any size


Pixlr Editor – a free online photo editor

Freitag, Februar 25th, 2011

pixlr_logo.jpg    Pixlr Editor is a free online photo editor with a professional touch


Evalaze 0.9 – Application Virtualisation

Donnerstag, Februar 24th, 2011

evalaze_logo.jpg    Evalaze offers a virtualization platform for agent less applications. Packaging an application with all registry entries and DLL files in a single executable file completely isolates it from the operating system and eliminates application conflicts


Fiat TwinAir 85 HP Two-Cylinder Engine

Montag, Februar 21st, 2011

VMware Workstation 7.1.x – with official support for vSphere 4.1 guests

Sonntag, Februar 20th, 2011

vmware_logo.jpg   VMware vSphere 4.1 is now supported as a guest operating system. VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) and virtualization experts can use VMware vSphere 4.1 to install the latest server virtualization software and experiment with server setup, conduct training, show demos, and test production configurations


Dataram XcelaSAN – storage optimization appliance enables IT managers to easily and cost-effectively accelerate application data access on Fibre Channel SANs

Sonntag, Februar 20th, 2011

ECOS Secure Thin Client Module – hochsicherer Zugang auf Daten

Samstag, Februar 19th, 2011

ecos_logo.jpg   Mit den ECOS Secure Thin Client Modulen lassen sich beliebige Notebooks, PCs, Tablet-PCs usw. zu Secure Thin Clients mit integriertem VPN Firewallrouter umrüsten. Dazu wird die Festplatte gegen ein Secure Thin Client Modul ausgetauscht. Die Secure Thin Clients sind prädestiniert für hochsichere Verbindungen zu zentralen Citrix Terminalservern oder Webservern über das Internet oder Wireless LAN


VMware Workstation 7 – OVF Support

Samstag, Februar 19th, 2011

vmware_logo.jpg  VMware Workstation 7 – the command-line utility „ovftool“ is bundled in the VMware Workstation installer. Use this tool along with VMware Workstation to convert VMware .ovf files to .vmx format or vice versa

ovftool <OVF source folder\vmappliance.ovf> <OVF destination folder\vmappliance.vmx>
ovftool <OVF source folder\vmappliance.vmx> <OVF destination folder\vmappliance.ovf>



Dell Precision M6500 Mobile Workstation – with support for up to 32GB of memory via four DIMM slots

Donnerstag, Februar 17th, 2011

dell_logo.jpg   Dell Precision M6500 the World’s Most Powerful 17″ mobile workstation with Intel Core™ i7 processor Extreme edition Nvidia Quadro FX 3800M graphics solution and 32GB system memory


VW – Commercial

Mittwoch, Februar 16th, 2011