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Oracle – steigerte in seinem IV. Quartal die Erlöse gegenüber dem Vorjahr um 5 % (währungsbereinigt um 10 %) auf $ 11,84 Milliarden Dollar

Dienstag, Juni 14th, 2022

Oracle Database Release ≥19.7 Standard Edition 2 (SE2) – Standard Edition High Availability (SEHA)

Mittwoch, April 27th, 2022

  Oracle Database Release ≥ 19.7 Standard Edition 2 (SE2) – die Standard Edition High Availability (SEHA) Lizenzierung der Standard Edition 2  für maximal zwei Knoten und dabei kann die 10-Tages-Regel angewendet werden d.h. wenn auf dem zweiten Knoten nicht öfter als 10-mal bzw. 10 Tage pro Jahr die Oracle Database Instanz gestartet wird muss nur der erste Knoten mit der Standard Edition 2 (SE2) lizenziert werden

Oracle Automated Workload Repository (AWR) Report – the easy way to generate an report from from the SQL*Plus command line

Montag, März 14th, 2022

Oracle Database – find sessions consuming lot of CPU

Montag, März 14th, 2022

   Oracle Database – use below query to find the sessions using a lot of CPU

col program form a30 heading „Program“
col CPUMins form 99990 heading „CPU in Mins“
select rownum as rank, a.*
from (
SELECT v.sid, program, v.value / (100 * 60) CPUMins
FROM v$statname s , v$sesstat v, v$session sess
WHERE = ‚CPU used by this session‘
and sess.sid = v.sid
and v.statistic#=s.statistic#
and v.value>0
ORDER BY v.value DESC) a
where rownum < 11;

DTM Migration Kit 1.13.18 – a powerful data import export or transformation tool

Samstag, Februar 5th, 2022

DTM Migration Kit – is an advanced data management tool that designed for the multi-vendor environment and rarely used database support. It allows user database administrator or developer to import data from most popular formats to export database content to migrate data from different data sources

Oracle Database – planning the Block Size of Redo Log Files

Samstag, Januar 8th, 2022

  Planning the Block Size of Redo Log Files – unlike the database block size which can be between 2K and 32K redo log files always default to a block size that is equal to the physical sector size of the disk historically this has typically been 512 bytes (512B) some newer high-capacity disk drives offer 4K byte (4K) sector sizes for both increased ECC capability and improved format efficiency most Oracle Database platforms are able to detect this larger sector size the database then automatically creates redo log files with a 4K block size on those disks

Oracle Cloud Free Tier – die kostenlosen Always Free-Cloud-Services

Montag, November 29th, 2021

   Oracle Cloud Free Tier – Always Free Cloud Services with
2 AMD-basierte Compute-VMs mit jeweils 1/8 OCPU / 1 GB Speicher
4 Arm-basierte Ampere A1-Kerne und 24 GB Speicher verwendbar als eine VM oder bis zu 4 VMs
2 Blockvolumes-Speicher insgesamt 200 GB
10 GB Objektspeicher
10 GB Archivspeicher
Resource Manager verwaltet mit Terraform
5 OCI Bastions

Oracle Database 19c – duplicate a database using RMAN

Montag, November 15th, 2021

   RMAN has the ability to duplicate or clone a database from a backup or from an active database it is possible to create a duplicate database on a remote server with the same file structure a remote server will a different file structure or the local server with a different file structure

Oracle Lifetime Support Policies – September, 2021 for Database Releases

Samstag, Oktober 30th, 2021

Oracle – hat den langjährigen Streit um den Itanium Support gegen HPE verloren und muss dem Konkurrenten nun über $ 3 Milliarden Schadensersatz zahlen

Samstag, Oktober 2nd, 2021

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 19c – database clustering improves scalability performance and availability

Samstag, September 18th, 2021

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer – zeigt Leistungsprobleme auf und bietet Optimierungstipps von Experten

Mittwoch, August 11th, 2021

Quest Foglight for Oracle – diagnose and resolve database performance issues with monitoring software

Samstag, Juli 31st, 2021

Quest Foglight for Oracle  – you get unrivaled performance information and advanced Oracle monitoring to prevent costly downtime. This monitoring software provides alerting and notifications, real-time and historical diagnostics, as well as reporting, plus unmatched analytics of collected data. Take Oracle monitoring to the next level with Foglight for Oracle

Intel Xeon Scalable Processor 3rd Gen – can deliver from minmal 8 cores to 40 cores per processor

Freitag, Mai 28th, 2021

Intel Xeon Scalable Processor 2rd Gen – can deliver from minmal 4 cores to 28 cores per processor

Freitag, Mai 28th, 2021