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ASUS Padfone – enjoy the benefits of both Pad and Phone

Dienstag, Mai 31st, 2011

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 Beta – now available

Dienstag, Mai 31st, 2011

redhat_logo.jpg   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 – the 7th update since 2007.  As with every update Red Hat engineering has aggregated the bug fixes security patches and new features while maintaining hardware and application compatibility.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 also introduces new enterprise features including OpenSCAP security reporting cross platform development tools and Red Hat’s new Subscription Manager


Martin Jetpack – a 5000ft flight

Montag, Mai 30th, 2011

QNAP TS-219 – mit Debian 6 (squeeze) als Betriebssystem

Sonntag, Mai 29th, 2011

qnap_logo.jpg   Debian 6.0 (squeeze) installieren auf einer QNAP TS-219 NASBox


Autodesk Project Photofly 2.0 – create 3D models from photographs

Sonntag, Mai 29th, 2011

The New York Times – enjoy offline and online reading of content from all sections

Sonntag, Mai 29th, 2011

The NYTimes app for iPhone/iPad now has more content including blogs videos and slide shows – enjoy our Top News section for free


Microsoft Image Composite Editor 1.4.3 – create panoramic views

Sonntag, Mai 29th, 2011

MicrosoftResearch_logo    Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an advanced panoramic image stitcher. The application takes a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location and creates a high-resolution panorama incorporating all the source images at full resolution


Powermat Wireless Charging System – for Apple iPhone 4

Samstag, Mai 28th, 2011

powermat_logo.jpg   Now charging your iPhone 4 is as simple as setting it down! Complete solutions are pre-pack bundles pairing a Powermat one position charging mat and a receiver to provide a seamless upgrade to wireless charging. Charge your iPhone 4 with the Powermat 1Xi and Receiver Case for iPhone 4


ThinPrint .print – for VMware View

Samstag, Mai 28th, 2011

Medicus „Medikamente“ – das Referenzwerk für Arzneimittelinformationen

Samstag, Mai 28th, 2011

medicus_logo.jpg   Medicus „Medikamente“ verfügt über den kompletten Datensatz der Roten Liste und macht Ihnen diesen jederzeit auf dem iPhone zugänglich es ist dabei keine Online Internetverbindung notwendig 


Indian Call Center

Freitag, Mai 27th, 2011

Coca Cola – Insekten

Mittwoch, Mai 25th, 2011

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise – Fingerprint Authentication for Secure Sign-On

Montag, Mai 23rd, 2011

digitalpersona_logo.jpg   DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise leverages Active Directory for management. IT Managers configure and deploy security policies using Group Policy Objects, directly from the Microsoft Management Console or Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-in


DataCore DriveHarmony – ist eine Speichervirtualisierung für Heimanwender

Sonntag, Mai 22nd, 2011

datacoredriveharmony_logo.jpg  DataCore DriveHarmony eine Speichervirtualisierung für den Windows Home Server (WHS) vor. Die Zusatzsoftware DataCore DriveHarmony existiert derzeit als Beta-Version und soll im Laufe des Jahres über Systemintegratoren erhältlich sein. Die Beta-Version kann unter angefordert werden

DLA Piper – Outsourcing Contract Dashboard

Sonntag, Mai 22nd, 2011

dlapiper_logo.jpg   The DLA Piper Outsourcing Contract Dashboard is an interactive web based contract assessment and reporting tool it helps provide a simple visual answer to the question „how good is this contract?“