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HP Integrity rx2660 Server

Mittwoch, Januar 30th, 2008

hewlettpackard_logo.jpg the Integrity rx2660 Server offers you new levels of entry-class value. It’s a cost-effective and versatile platform for your IT environment that delivers high rack density and performance per watt. With performance and capacity to easily handle your business-critical application tier and transaction workloads, it is also a platform you can trust for your database, Java™, business intelligence, and technical computing requirements


HP Integrity rx6600 Server

Mittwoch, Januar 30th, 2008

hewlettpackard_logo.jpg the Integrity rx6600 Server is a highly expandable platform for workload consolidation and virtualization that redefines the entry class. This next-generation HP Integrity server is capable of handling the business-critical workloads previously possible only with larger, more costly systems


Sun StorageTek 6140 Array

Mittwoch, Januar 30th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg the StorageTek 6140 array is the perfect blend of performance, high availability, and reliability all in one economical package. In fact, it tested as the best performance and price/performance array in its class. It’s the ideal disk array for business continuity requirements in a growing enterprise


Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000

Mittwoch, Januar 30th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg the data center is an exclusive environment, reserved for the best servers to occupy its precious, limited rack space. The Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server earns its place. With up to eight dual-core 2.1 GHz SPARC64 VI processors, and mainframe-class features, this 10RU system has redefined the midrange


Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000

Mittwoch, Januar 30th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg the SPARC Enterprise M4000 server is part of a new generation of mid-range data center-class systems. If you’re looking for rapid out-of-the-box deployment for tasks such as ERP, SCM, CRM deployments, collaboration and large shared memory applications–with your current Solaris OS applications–this is it


Oracle Database 11g

Sonntag, Januar 27th, 2008

oracle11g.jpgOracle Database 11g  building on Oracle’s unique ability to deliver Grid Computing, gives Oracle customers the agility to respond faster to changing business conditions, gain competitive advantage through technology innovation, and reduce costs

Oracle Database 10g

Sonntag, Januar 27th, 2008

oracle10g.jpgOracle Database 10g is the first database designed for grid computing, the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage enterprise information. It cuts costs of management while providing the highest possible quality of service

VMware Infrastructure – High Availability (HA)

Samstag, Januar 26th, 2008

vmware_logo.jpg deliver high availability across your entire virtualized IT environment without the cost or complexity of traditional clustering solutions. VMware HA provides cost-effective high availability for any application running in a virtual machine, regardless of its operating system or underlying hardware configuration. VMware HA eliminates the need for dedicated stand-by hardware and additional software


VMware Infrastructure – Update Manager

Samstag, Januar 26th, 2008

vmware_logo.jpg simplify management of your virtual infrastructure by automating patches and updates with the new VMware Update Manager. This essential component of VMware Infrastructure makes it easy to manage tracking and patching of ESX Server Hosts, as well as select Windows and Linux virtual machines


VMware Infrastructure – Storage VMotion

Samstag, Januar 26th, 2008

vmware_logo.jpg enable live migration of virtual machine disk files across storage arrays with VMware Storage VMotion. Building on the proven value of VMware VMotion, VMware Storage VMotion lets you relocate virtual machine disk files between and across shared storage locations while maintaining continuous service availability and complete transaction integrity


VMware Infrastructure Node ESX Server 3i

Samstag, Januar 26th, 2008

vmware_logo.jpg ESX Server is now also available as ESX Server 3i, offering all the same functionality but with a thin 32 MB footprint that provides unparalleled security and reliability, while integration as server firmware makes deployment fast and easy. ESX Server 3i will soon be available integrated in server systems


Citrix Presentation Server

Samstag, Januar 26th, 2008

citrix_logo.jpg Presentation ServerAs an end-to-end application delivery system, Presentation Server provides several industry-leading technologies and innovations that improve performance, increase security, and drive down the cost of delivering Windows-based applications. Presentation Server is the only solution that integrates such a comprehensive set of features, enabling it to become a strategic part of your application delivery infrastructure


ORACLE Real Application Cluster (RAC)

Freitag, Januar 25th, 2008

Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) is an option to the award-winning Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Oracle RAC is a cluster database with a shared cache architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches to provide highly scalable and available database solutions for all your business applications


FSC Medical Assistant

Donnerstag, Januar 24th, 2008

fsc_logo.jpg im Medical Assistant ist ein Dual SmartCard-Leser integriert, der die gleichzeitige Nutzung für den Heil- und Pflegeberufsausweis (HBA) und die elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eKG) ausgelegt ist


Sun Blade 6000 Systems

Dienstag, Januar 22nd, 2008

sun_logo.jpg the Blade 6000 FamilyThe industry’s most open, versatile enterprise blade platform delivering the fastest performance, ease of scalability, energy efficiency, and longevity. It gives you the flexibility to run virtually any datacenter application by running multiple operating systems and multiple processor types – all while minimizing space and cooling requirements and delivering high service levels for your applications