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Oracle 10g RAC – the Database for Deploying SAP Applications

Dienstag, Februar 24th, 2009

oracleforsap_logo.jpg   Oracle’s Real Application Cluster database architecture for SAP Applications is a new shared cache architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared nothing and shared disk approaches to provide highly scalable and available database systems for SAP customers


Ingres Database 9.2 – Incremental Rollforwarddb

Dienstag, Februar 10th, 2009

ingres_logo.jpg   The incremental rollforwarddb feature allows the journals from a database to be incrementally applied, as they are generated, to a backup copy of the database. This feature can be used to minimize downtime in the event that the backup database is needed for disaster recovery

Start the incremental rollforwarddb by issuing the following command
# rollforwarddb dbname +c -j -incremental

Issue one or more of the following commands to cause rollforwarddb to discover new journals and apply them
# rollforwarddb dbname -c +j -norollback

The database remains inconsistent and readonly

Discover and apply new journals by issuing the following command
# rollforwarddb dbname -c +j -rollback 

The incremental rollforwarddb ends, and the database is marked consistent and updateable

Ingres Database 9.2 – offered with ease of use enhancements

Dienstag, Februar 10th, 2009

ingres_logo.jpg  New Features in Ingres Database 9.2 continue to reduce the time, complexity, and database administrators (DBA) requirements by eliminating, simplifying and automating many tasks traditionally associated with maintaining an business-class database. Upgrading from previous releases of Ingres Database is a simple, highly automated task         


Documentation for the new Ingres database releasese