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Microsoft 365 und Teams – sind datenschutzkonform meint zumindest Microsoft

Donnerstag, August 18th, 2022

Stellungnahme von Microsoft Deutschland zur Datenschutzkonformität von Microsoft 365 und Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Data Recovery Manager 2007 – Calculating Disk Allocation

Montag, Dezember 27th, 2010

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   When you create a new Protection Group using the “Create Protection Group” wizard – DPM internally computes and allocates volumes for storing the replica and the shadow copies to enumerates the various formulae that we use internally to generate the default size

File system datasource

SC GBsize = (dataSourceGBSize * recoveryRangeInDays * 2) / 100 + 1 GB
Replica GBsize = (dataSourceGBSize * 3) / 2

MHVTL – Linux Virtual Tape Library via ISCSI Option

Donnerstag, Juli 8th, 2010

mhvtl_logo.jpg   MHVTL ist eine Virtual Tape Library – realisiert als Linux Kernel Modul plus Binaries zur Administration. Die Software simuliert eine SCSI Jukebox bei der die Anzahl und Typ der Bandlaufwerke die Anzahl der Schächte und die Anzahl der Ein-/Ausgabeschächte frei konfiguriert werden können




Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Custom Report Views

Samstag, Juni 26th, 2010

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   Data Protection Manager 2007 includes several SQL views to help you create custom reports. SQL views simplify your queries by populating columns with data collected from multiple tables in the database


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Setting Up Data Co-Location

Donnerstag, Februar 4th, 2010

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 allows you to co-locate protection groups on a tape – Using this feature you can group recovery points of multiple protection groups on a single tape. This optimizes tape usage in case you have many small protection groups

-DPMServerName <DPMServer>
-OptimizeTapeUsage $True


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – granularer Exchange Restore

Samstag, Oktober 31st, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg  Mit DPM 2007 lassen sich wahlweise komplette Exchange-Stores individuelle Postfächer oder einzelne E-Mails wiederherstellen


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – to enable the local data protection feature to backup the data files from the DPM server

Mittwoch, Oktober 28th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg  To use the DPM 2007 Administrator Console to back up local file data sources set the AllowLocalDataProtection global setting property to true. To do this, run the following command in the DPM Management Shell

-DPMServerName <DPMServer>


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Die zehn wichtigsten Vorteile

Freitag, September 11th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   die zehn wichtigsten Vorteile die DPM 2007 Ihrer Organisation bietet


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Backup for Bare Metal Recovery

Dienstag, August 25th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   The Microsoft DPM System Recovery Tool (SRT) is software provided with DPM to facilitate bare metal recovery for the DPM server and the computers that DPM protects. Bare metal recovery is a feature that helps you recover a system that will not start. DPM SRT backs up the system volume and master boot record by copying the entire volume and using VSS writers to ensure all applications are in a consistent state for the copy



Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Tested Hardware

Donnerstag, August 20th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg  here is a list of tape libraries that have been tested and found compatible with System Center Data Protection Manager 2007


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Force Mark Tape As Free

Samstag, August 15th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   Allows a user to mark any tape as free so that it is available for protection by DPM. Tapes which have unexpired data cannot be marked as free from the GUI but sometimes (esp. while testing) users need to override this behavior


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Dokumentation der Schutzgruppen eines Servers

Samstag, August 15th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   Wer einen Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 in einer größeren Umgebung betreibt, hat vielleicht eine ganze Reihe unterschiedlicher Schutzgruppen erstellt. Schon stellt sich die Frage, wie man die vielen Details einer Schutzgruppenkonfiguration in einer Dokumentation festhalten kann, und wie man die Dokumentation leicht aktualisieren kann


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Windows PowerShell 1.0 Multilingual User Interface Package for Windows Server 2003

Sonntag, Mai 17th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg  Microsoft Windows® PowerShell is a new command-line shell and scripting language designed for system administration and automation. Built on the .NET Framework, Windows PowerShell enables IT professionals and developers control and automate the administration of Windows and applications


Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Update for Windows Server 2003

Sonntag, Mai 17th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   Install this update to improve the reliability, scalability, and memory optimization of the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) in Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2007 – Evaluierungssoftware für 180 Tage

Samstag, Mai 16th, 2009

microsoftdpm_logo.jpg   Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 – der neue Standard für Sicherung und Wiederherstellung in Windows, bietet durchgängigen Datenschutz für Anwendungs-/Dateiserver durch nahtlos integrierte Festplatten und Tapemedien