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Citrix Gateway & Citrix ADC – versions prior to 12.1 are EOL and customers on those versions are recommended to upgrade to one of the supported versions

Mittwoch, November 9th, 2022

Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 Cumulative Update 1 – a security hotfix ‚xs82ecu1012‘ is available

Montag, Juni 27th, 2022

Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) 12.1 – es gibt wichtige Sicherheitspatches

Samstag, Mai 28th, 2022

Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) 2203 Accelerator with Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 – resulted in a decrease in boot times by 50-60%

Mittwoch, Mai 4th, 2022

Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) v2.8.1 – Citrix XenApp Threshold File

Donnerstag, März 17th, 2022

   The CitrixXenApp.xml file adds a threshold file called “Citrix XenApp” to analyze performance counters unique to Citrix XenApp in addition to the counters already analyzed by the “System Overview” threshold file which is included with PAL. The Citrix XenApp threshold file is a fast way to check for general system performance issues as well as performance issues specific to XenApp

Copy the attached CitrixXenApp.xml to the PAL program files directory for example C:\Program Files\PAL\PAL v2.8.1 and specify the “Citrix XenApp” in the “Threshold File Title” drop down

Vista Equity Partners & Evergreen Coast Capital/Elliot – wollen Citrix für $ 16.5 Milliarden aufkaufen und mit dem Middleware Spezialisten Tibco vereinen

Mittwoch, Februar 2nd, 2022

ReconnAct! – ist ein Programm für die Kommandozeile das die Umgebungsvariablen CURRENT_CLIENTNAME sowie CURRENT_CLIENTIP erstellt und das einen Befehl ausführen kann wenn ein Benutzer sich von seiner bestehenden Sitzung trennt bzw. sich zu seiner getrennten Sitzung zurückverbindet

Donnerstag, Dezember 2nd, 2021

ReconnAct! – wechsel des Standard Druckers bei Reconnect auf eine Disconnected Session

ReconnAct.exe [-l command] [-d command] [-r command] [-a] [-s] [-h]

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR – session roaming

Donnerstag, Dezember 2nd, 2021

   Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR – session roaming between client devices with the same user. If a user launches a session and then moves to another device the same session is used and applications are available on both devices  but if session roaming is enabled the user would probably be unable to access the printers near the e.g. meeting room because the applications he launched earlier in his office resulted in the assignment of printers and other resources near that location

Supported Hypervisors for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Provisioning (Provisioning Services) – to view the supported configurations matrix

Mittwoch, November 10th, 2021

   This configurations matrix indicates supported configurations of Provisioning (Provisioning Services) with various hypervisor solutions when Yes is listed for a combination it means Citrix will provide technical support to assist with any issues encountered

XenServer – Provisioning (Provisioning Services)
vSphere – Provisioning (Provisioning Services)
SCVMM – Provisioning (Provisioning Services)
Nutanix Acropolis – Provisioning (Provisioning Services)

Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer) 8.2 – set up a base network topology for a workshop environment

Donnerstag, Juli 29th, 2021

Citrix Releases Security Updates – for Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 LTSR

Sonntag, Juni 27th, 2021

  Citrix Hypervisor Security Update

Citrix Hypervisor ≤ 8.2 LTSR (formerly Citrix XenServer) – that may allow privileged code in a guest VM to cause the host to crash or become unresponsive

Freitag, April 2nd, 2021

Citrix Service Provider Master Class – Journey to Citrix Workspace

Samstag, Juni 6th, 2020

Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 – current release

Dienstag, Mai 26th, 2020

Citrix NetScaler – get details on latest features, tips and tricks for easy configuration

Samstag, Mai 16th, 2020