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Piql Preservation System – die greifbare Digitale Langzeitarchivierung

Mittwoch, Juni 21st, 2017

   Piql Preservation System – durch die Kombination bewährter Technik mit innovativer Forschung, haben wir eine OAIS (Open Archival Information System) konforme Lösung für die Langzeitarchivierung digitaler Daten entwickelt. Durch die Verwendung unseres Service wird die Integrität und die zukunftssichere Wiederherstellung Ihrer Daten gewährleistet

Seven10 StorFirst EAS – is the only cloud file system with native integrated support for cloud platforms, legacy storage, as well as disk, object storage (i.e. EMC Centera) and Tape or Virtual Tape Libraries

Mittwoch, Februar 13th, 2013

Seven10_logo   Seven10 StorFirst EAS is the first file system archive designed to help your business evolve by managing storage and storage migrations seamlessly. It is the original hybrid cloud storage gateway and is built to manage, protect and support the billions of files you will move to the Cloud



EMC Legato DiskXtender for Windows – Automated file system archiving for Microsoft Windows environments

Samstag, Februar 28th, 2009

emc_logo.jpg   EMC DiskXtender for Windows offers highly scalable data management software to enable a tiered storage strategy. DiskXtender for Windows transparently migrates inactive or infrequently accessed files to archive storage devices, without changing the user’s view or access. It provides a best practices file archiving solution through the ability to migrate files to multiple archive storage devices, adding flexibility as well as extra layers of protection for archived data


Data Domain Deduplication Storage – for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Dienstag, Dezember 16th, 2008

datadomain_logo.jpg   Data Domain deduplication storage systems optimize data protection and disaster recovery (DR) performance. Data Domain offers a comprehensive range of products to meet the nearline storage needs of enterprises of all sizes, as they seek to reduce costs and simplify data management. Data Domain systems support all leading enterprise backup and archiving applications for seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures


Quantum StorNext – High Performance Workflow and Intelligent Archiving

Mittwoch, Dezember 10th, 2008

quantum_logo.jpg   Quantum StorNext data management software enables customers to generate revenue faster and store more data at a lower cost. Combining high speed data sharing with cost-effective content retention, StorNext helps customers build an infrastructure for consolidating resources so that workflow operations run faster and maintaining business assets costs less


SUN SAM-FS LongTimeStorage HSM System – ein Filesystem das niemals voll wird

Mittwoch, Oktober 15th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg  »Archivierung« – gekoppelt mit einer Policy ist SUN SAM-FS jetzt ein Filesystem, »dass sich selbst sichert.«. Es werde niemals voll und die Administratoren müssten auch kein Backup mehr laufen lassen. Denn das System schreibt die Daten nach festgelegten Routinen von den Festplatten auf eine/mehrere „virtuelle Tape-Festplatten“ und gleichzeitig auch auf eine reale Tape-Library. Die SUN SAM-FS-Software, die sich bislang vor allem im technisch-wissenschafltichen Bereich bewährt hat, ist jetzt die Grundlage für dieses Archivprodukt


SUN SAM-FS LongTimeStorage HSM System im medizinischem Umfeld

Donnerstag, Oktober 9th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg SAM-FS provides complete and flexible data management, including data archiving and robotics control. File access is provided via a standard Solaris file system, which makes the hardware in use completely transparent to users. Its powerful features, performance, and scalability have been adopted by many middle and large customers to manage many TB to PB of data. Data is automatically archived (copied) to other locations including disk, tape, or remote locations transparently and can optionally be freed up (released) from the file system. Released files will remain viewable on the file system and when accessed, the data will be retrieved (staged) automatically from any of the media copies without any user intervention. All disks and most common tape libraries and tape technology are supported and can transparently be used with SAM-FS


EMC Legato DiskXtender for UNIX/Linux – Automated file system archiving

Sonntag, April 6th, 2008

emc_logo.jpg EMC DiskXtender for UNIXLinux automatically migrates your files to the most cost-effective storage for data retention and compliance needs, based on your policies. With DiskXtender for UNIX/Linux, files are migrated without disturbing your data view or access, regardless of the application, media, storage device, or data location. Your organization will save on primary storage acquisition costs, reduce complexity and management overhead, and decrease backup and recovery times