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Europe pushing to standardize cell phone chargers

Montag, Juni 29th, 2009

If you’re tired of having to swap power chargers and/or data cables every time you change phones you aren’t alone – EU Commissioner Günther Verheugen feels your pain and wants to see something done about it


VMware vSphere 4 – Cloud Computing Overview

Sonntag, Juni 28th, 2009

Oracle RAC – with the NetApp Simulator

Sonntag, Juni 28th, 2009

oracle_logo.jpg   With the help of NetApp Appliance’s Data ONTAP Simulator, any DBA and/or Linux enthusiast (who is also a NetApp customer) can evaluate Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on Linux with no up-front hardware investment


Intel® Xeon® Processor „Nehalem“ – An Intelligent Approach to IT Challenges

Sonntag, Juni 28th, 2009

intel_logo.jpg  Intel® Xeon® Processor „Nehalem“ helps lower energy costs with automated energyefficiency features that put processor power and memory into the lowest available states needed to support current workloads without compromising performance


QuardCard – a biometric security card

Samstag, Juni 27th, 2009

quardcard_logo.jpg   QuardCard is a newly developed and patented security system which combines one-time-passwords with biometric verification. It looks like a normal credit card, but in fact it’s a standalone microcomputer that is able to scan and verify a fingerprint. After verification of a fingerprint a one-time-password is issued and displayed on the QuardCard itself. This password can now be used as access control to a company network, remote computer, PDA, cash point etc., but only once. Next time you use the QuardCard, a new one-time-password is issued and displayed


Sun Fire X4275 Server – Data storage and compute engine in a single system

Freitag, Juni 26th, 2009

sun_logo.jpg   The Sun Fire X4275 is the world’s best performing compute and storage server in its class for powering multimedia streaming applications and data warehousing applications. It can cut your storage cost to less than $1/GB and deliver exceptional digital streaming performance. Plus, optional Solid State Drives can speed data warehousing queries exponentially


VMware Disk Alignment – Preparing VMDK for Windows Installation

Freitag, Juni 26th, 2009

vmware_logo.jpg  In a SAN environment, the smallest hardware unit used by a SAN storage array to build a LUN out of multiple physical disks is a called a chunk or a stripe. To optimize I/O, chunks are usually much larger than sectors. Thus a SCSI I/O request that intends to read a sector in reality reads one chunk. On top of this, in a Windows environment NTFS is formatted in blocks ranging from 1MB to 8MB. The file system used by the guest operating system optimizes I/O by grouping sectors into socalled clusters


WiTricity – Wireless Electricity Delivered Over Distance

Donnerstag, Juni 25th, 2009

witricity_logo.jpg  Cell phones, game controllers, laptop computers, mobile robots, even electric vehicles capable of re-charging themselves without ever being plugged in. Flat screen TV’s and digital picture frames that hang on the wall—without requiring a wire and plug for power. Industrial systems and medical devices made more reliable by eliminating trouble prone wiring and replaceable batteries. WiTricity Corp. is working to make this future a reality, developing wireless electricity technology that will operate safely and efficiently over distances ranging from centimeters to several meters—and will deliver power ranging from milliwatts to kilowatts


EnOcean – stands for battery-less radio sensors which are maintenance free and flexible allowing cost reduction in buildings and industrial facilities

Mittwoch, Juni 24th, 2009

enocean_logo.jpg   Self-powered wireless sensor solution from EnOcean – Green. Smart. Wireless

Acronis True Image Virtual Edition – Flexibilität und Mehrwert im Disaster Recovery für IT-Unternehmen bei der Arbeit mit einer großen Anzahl an virtuellen Maschinen

Dienstag, Juni 23rd, 2009

acronis01logo.jpg   Acronis True Image Virtual Edition ist eine kostengünstige und skalierbare Lösung für  IT-Unternehmen, die bis zu 99 virtuelle Server auf einem einzigen physischen Server betreiben sowie diese sichern und migrieren wollen. Mit dieser Lösung entstehen keine zusätzlichen Kosten, wenn weitere virtuelle Systeme gesichert und wiederhergestellt werden sollen


E-Health Trial – ein mobiles medizinisches Tagebuch

Dienstag, Juni 23rd, 2009

Die E-Health Trial Lösung basiert auf der „Alcatel-Lucent TeleHealthManager Application“. Mit Hilfe dieses Produktes können medizinische Daten erfasst und vollautomatisch via Bluetooth und GPRS an eine Datenbank übertragen werden. Die Datenübermittlung erfolgt gesichert, um dem hohen Anspruch an den Schutz der Daten der betreuten Personen Rechnung zu tragen


Lenovo Thinkpad – Grandma Proofed

Montag, Juni 22nd, 2009

DataSlide Hard Rectangular Drive – The No Spin Green Revolution in Storage

Sonntag, Juni 21st, 2009

dataslide_logo.jpg  DataSlide has drawn from LCD, HDD, and semiconductor standards based mature manufacturing process technologies to invent a truly revolutionary new high performance storage technology: the innovative Hard Rectangular Drive™ (HRD™). The HRD employs DataSlide’s patented Massively Parallel 2-D Array storage technology to achieve 160,000 IOPS and 500MB/sec transfer rates while reading from and writing to magnetic media. The HRD’s highly efficient piezoelectric actuator system oscillates rectangular media along one axis between a fixed array of millions of read/write heads on a single substrate of low expansion glass. In the first generation, any 64 of these heads may be active in reads and writes at the same time


Microsoft Hyper-V Server – installing on a DELL PowerEdge R805

Sonntag, Juni 21st, 2009

Kupfer gegen Keime – keine Chance für Bakterien auf der Türklinke

Sonntag, Juni 21st, 2009

Mit Türgriffen und Lichtschaltern aus Kupfer lässt sich offenbar die Verbreitung von Methicillin-resistenten Staphylokokken (MRSA) deutlich eindämmen. Bei einem Feldversuch in der Asklepios Klinik Wandsbek in Hamburg gelang es, die Konzentration der gefährlichen Keime um mehr als ein Drittel zu reduzieren