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LINDY Mobile RAID Dual 2,5″ SATA – speichern Sie Ihre Daten redundant

Sonntag, Januar 30th, 2011

lindy_logo.jpg   LINDY Mobile RAID Dual 2,5″ SATA – das problemlose Einsetzen der Festplatten ohne Werkzeug ermöglicht es ohne großen Aufwand ein RAID-System einzurichten    


Mercedes Benz – 125 Jahre Innovation

Samstag, Januar 29th, 2011

Microsoft Sysinternals Tool Coreinfo v2.11 – processor and cache topology

Samstag, Januar 29th, 2011

windows_sysinternals_logo.jpg   Coreinfo is a command-line utility that shows you the mapping between logical processors and the physical processor NUMA node and socket on which they reside as well as the cache’s assigned to each logical processor


Gear4 UnityRemote – the most advanced Universal Remote control you’ve ever used

Freitag, Januar 28th, 2011

gear4_logo.jpg   Gear4 UnityRemote allowing you to use the touch-screen controls of an iPhone to control your devices


YouTube – „Life in a Day“

Freitag, Januar 28th, 2011

youtube_logo.jpg   Life In A Day – is a historic global experiment to create a user generated feature film shot in a single day on the 24th of July 2010 

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Donnerstag, Januar 27th, 2011


VMware vSphere 4.1 – Setting the number of cores per CPU in a virtual machine

Donnerstag, Januar 27th, 2011

vmware_logo.jpg   VMware multicore virtual CPU support lets you control the number of cores per virtual CPU in a virtual machine. This capability lets operating systems with socket restrictions use more of the host CPU’s cores which increases overall performance


You first have to determine how many cores you need. If you need 8 cores then assign 8 vCPUs to your machine. Then if you set cpuid.coresPerSocket to 4 – VMware will assume you mean 2 Quad core processors

Quattro vs xDrive – Audi Q5 gegen BMW X3

Donnerstag, Januar 27th, 2011

Lampertz Rechenzentren – Intelligente IT Infrastrukturlösungen

Dienstag, Januar 25th, 2011

lampertz_logo.jpg   Die Lampertz Zelle ist ein modulares Sicherheitskonzept für die optimale Funktionssicherheit Ihrer IT Systeme – hiermit können Sie den physikalischen Schutz von Rechenzentren, Serverräumen und Backup-Standorten problemlos realisieren

Volkswagen Jetta – „Polizeikontrolle“

Montag, Januar 24th, 2011

Citrix XenApp 6 – Provisioning Services

Sonntag, Januar 23rd, 2011

X-pire! – the innovative software that adds a digital expiration date to your images

Sonntag, Januar 23rd, 2011

x-pire_logo.jpg    X-pire! encodes images and links them with an expiration date. Once they have reached the expiration date it is no longer possible to view them – the images have then expired


Lamborghini LP560-4

Samstag, Januar 22nd, 2011

VMware vSphere 4 Fault Tolerance (FT) – a virtual machine configured with a vmxnet3 vNIC fails

Samstag, Januar 22nd, 2011

vmware_logo.jpg   Knowledge Base 1013757 – the vmxnet3 adapter is not supported with Fault Tolerance


AOC Breeze Android-Based Tablet – which is priced at $200

Samstag, Januar 22nd, 2011

aoc_logo.jpg   AOC Breeze Tablet lets you stream media from an attached USB device or the Internet via Wi-Fi onto its 8″ touch screen with 800×600 resolution and 4GB memory