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Montag, Mai 24th, 2021

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Montag, April 5th, 2021

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Dienstag, März 30th, 2021

Zabbix – out-of-the-box monitoring

Dienstag, März 30th, 2021

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Dienstag, März 23rd, 2021

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Samstag, Februar 20th, 2021

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Donnerstag, Februar 11th, 2021

Zabbix 5 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Cookbook – explore the new features for designing, building, and maintaining your Zabbix setup

Dienstag, Februar 9th, 2021

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Montag, Februar 8th, 2021

Zabbix 5.4 – roadmap

Sonntag, Februar 7th, 2021

Zabbix – how to work with multiple Zabbix servers

Montag, Dezember 7th, 2020

Zabbix – einen Linux ‚zabbix-agent‘ installieren und einrichten

Donnerstag, November 26th, 2020

Zabbix Client Installation

# apt-get install zabbix-agent

Server=IP of Zabbix Server
ServerActive=IP of Zabbix Server
Hostname=use the FQDN of the node where the agent runs

# vi /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf
# Server=[zabbix server ip]
# ServerActive=[zabbix server ip]
# Hostname=[ Hostname of client system ]
# service zabbix-agent restart

Zabbix – SSL or HTTPS configuration is basically a must in most production and even localhost environments

Mittwoch, November 25th, 2020

Zabbix – how to add custom icon to maps

Mittwoch, November 25th, 2020

Click the Admistration Tab
Click on General Tab
On the Drop down on the right hand side select Images
Click on the Create icon button also on the right