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Ustream 2.3.2 – powers live interactive video that enables anyone to watch and interact with a global audience of unlimited size

Dienstag, Oktober 30th, 2012

ustream_logo.jpg    Ustream Broadcast live and watch live video on your device – anytime, anywhere

BMW R 1200 GS – 125hp/125Nm mixed air/water cooling

Samstag, Oktober 27th, 2012

Internet Archive Wayback Machine – 10 Billion web pages saved over time

Samstag, Oktober 27th, 2012

InternetArchive_logo   The Wayback Machine enables anyone to see what a particular Web site looked like at some time in the past from 1996 to the present. This enormous archive of the Web’s past contains 10 billion Web pages ( for example*/ )


VMware vSphere 5.1 Storage Appliance (VSA) – installation

Samstag, Oktober 27th, 2012

VMware vSphere 5.1 Storage Appliance (VSA) – growing storage

Samstag, Oktober 27th, 2012

VMware vSphere 5.1 Storage Appliance (VSA) – ROBO environments

Samstag, Oktober 27th, 2012

HL7-Mitteilungen Aktuelle Ausgabe Nr. 31/2012

Mittwoch, Oktober 24th, 2012

• Mehr grünes Licht für HL7

• Taxonomie für eHealth Interoperabilitätsstandards

SIEMENS syngo DynaCT – liver resection with 3D guidance

Montag, Oktober 22nd, 2012

Do you have any passive aggressive network names in your area?

Montag, Oktober 22nd, 2012

Send your pictures to with the subject line: „Wi-Fi“


Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 – ceate a self signed certificate

Sonntag, Oktober 21st, 2012

dpm2012_logo.jpg   To encrypt the data store in tape with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 you need to create a valid certificate 



Microsoft Windows PowerShell Send-MailMessage – to be able to send email messages via SMTP

Sonntag, Oktober 21st, 2012

windowspowershellblog_logo.jpg   Send-MailMessage sends out emails with the credentials of the current user

Send-MailMessage [-To] <string[]> [-Subject] <string> -From <string> [[-Body] <string>] [[-SmtpServer] <string>] [-Attachments <string[]>] [-Bcc <string[]>] [-BodyAsHtml] [-Cc <string[]>] [-Credential <PSCredential>] [-DeliveryNotificationOption {<None> | <OnSuccess> | <OnFailure> | <Delay> | <Never>}] [-Encoding <Encoding>] [-Priority {<Normal> | <Low> | <High>}] [-UseSsl] [<CommonParameters>]


Gamera II – a human powered helicopter

Sonntag, Oktober 21st, 2012

SIEMENS „Deutschland geht neue Wege“ – nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung

Samstag, Oktober 20th, 2012

Quest Workspace Desktop Authority Version 9 – how to upgrade

Samstag, Oktober 20th, 2012

Samsung Chromebook – feel lighter stay cooler

Samstag, Oktober 20th, 2012

samsung_logo.jpg   The Samsung Chromebook is an ultraportable, sleek laptop for everyday adventures. It weighs less than 2.5 pounds and offers more than 6.5 hours of battery so you can take it wherever you go