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Oracle Sun Fire V4270 M2 – an optimized cluster database node

Sonntag, September 26th, 2010

oraclesun_logo.jpg   Oracle Sun Fire X4270 M2 server offers maximum performance, superior scalability, and robust I/O bandwidth in a compact 2RU enclosure. Offering the ultimate in flexibility with two storage configurations and two Oracle Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card storage options, this server delivers massive data capacity and accelerated I/O performance, making it the best server in its class for clustered databases and virtualized workloads



Sun Fire X4640 Server – Total solution for enterprise databases, HPC, consolidation, and virtualization

Samstag, Dezember 12th, 2009

sun_logo.jpg   For customers who need higher performance, lower costs, and reduced complexity in their IT infrastructure, Sun introduces the Sun Fire X4640, an 8-socket modular x64 server in a single 4U chassis that supports up to 48 cores


Sun Ray Ultra Thin Clients – in der medizinischen Versorgung

Donnerstag, November 5th, 2009

Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array – Instantly and efficiently accelerate

Dienstag, Oktober 13th, 2009

sun_logo.jpg   The Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array is the world’s fastest and most power efficient flash array for accelerating database applications. It redefines database performance, cutting transaction times in half and doubling application throughput. The Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array lets you scale your performance and capacity needs efficiently without impacting data availability so you can meet your growing business needs

Sun Fire X4275 Server – Data storage and compute engine in a single system

Freitag, Juni 26th, 2009

sun_logo.jpg   The Sun Fire X4275 is the world’s best performing compute and storage server in its class for powering multimedia streaming applications and data warehousing applications. It can cut your storage cost to less than $1/GB and deliver exceptional digital streaming performance. Plus, optional Solid State Drives can speed data warehousing queries exponentially


Sun Modular Datacenter S20 – What, Where, and When You Need It

Freitag, März 27th, 2009

sun_logo.jpg  Sun Modular Datacenter S20, widely known as Project Blackbox, is revolutionizing how companies, hospitals and governments add datacenter capacity. With its high-density, eco-friendly design that enables rapid deployment, game-changing economics, and unimaginable mobility, Sun Modular Datacenter is reaching new customers world-wide who have been waiting for just this type of break-through solution


Sun Fire X4540 Storage Server Overview

Sonntag, März 15th, 2009

SUN Fire X4240 Server – exceptional speed, capacity, and power efficiency in a two rack-unit system

Sonntag, November 30th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg   The Sun Fire X4240 Server enables companies to stay ahead of the growth in datacenter requirements, reduce management complexity, and keep resource costs from escalating out of control. This powerful 64-bit, two rack-unit (2 RU) system leverages industry-leading AMD Opteron™ processors, massive storage and memory, a wide array of connectivity options, and superior expandability to provide the fastest, most scalable server in its class


SUN Fire X4540 – 48TB of storage in a 4RU server

Freitag, November 14th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg  als Nachfolger des Sun Fire X4500 erlaubt der Sun Fire X4540 Storage Server hohe Speicherdichte bei etwa 30 bis 50 Prozent Ersparnis bei Energiebedarf und Kühlung gegenüber bisherigen Storage Lösungen


Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server – Enabling Enterprise performance

Montag, November 3rd, 2008

sun_logo.jpg   Growing demand for scalability and 24×7 availability coupled with modern economic realities are re-shaping the design of the multi-tiered datacenter. Customers desireproducts and solutions that reduce their overall cost and complexity by combining lowprice, better price/performance, improved environmental requirements, system manageability, and increased availability. Now, for the first time, IT organizations can securely, reliably, and eco-efficiently serve millions of new customers and communities with mainframe class reliability in a 2 RU footprint while maintaining their ability to seamlessly scale up with the Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server


SUN Fire X4450 – the first and only 4-socket, 24-way, 2RU server

Freitag, Oktober 10th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg   for the best in datacenter efficiency, the Sun Fire X4450 server now comes with the Intel® Xeon® processor 7400 series with 6 processing cores. In fact, it’s the first and only 4-socket, 24-way, 2RU server – half the size of the other servers in its class. Now it’s really time to consolidate your datacentersun_x4450_01.jpg

SUN SAM-FS LongTimeStorage HSM System im medizinischem Umfeld

Donnerstag, Oktober 9th, 2008

sun_logo.jpg SAM-FS provides complete and flexible data management, including data archiving and robotics control. File access is provided via a standard Solaris file system, which makes the hardware in use completely transparent to users. Its powerful features, performance, and scalability have been adopted by many middle and large customers to manage many TB to PB of data. Data is automatically archived (copied) to other locations including disk, tape, or remote locations transparently and can optionally be freed up (released) from the file system. Released files will remain viewable on the file system and when accessed, the data will be retrieved (staged) automatically from any of the media copies without any user intervention. All disks and most common tape libraries and tape technology are supported and can transparently be used with SAM-FS


Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 Server – Built on the lastest and most advanced SPARC64 VII quad-core processors

Dienstag, Juli 22nd, 2008

sun_logo.jpg  The Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000 server gives you a choice of up to four quad-core 2.4 GHz SPARC64 VII or four dual-core 2.15 GHz SPARC64 VI processors and the option to mix and match these processors all in a 6RU rack-optimized box


Sun™ SPARC Enterprise Server – bald mit SSD-Speicher

Sonntag, Juni 8th, 2008

sun_logo.jpgals Ersatz oder Ergänzung zu Festplatten will Sun nun auch Flash-Speicher in sein Server-Angebot aufnehmen. Die SSDs treten gerade ihren Siegeszug in Billig-PCs, Mini-Notebooks und Mobiltelefonen an. Ihre Vorzüge wie die höhere Performance, geringere Anfälligkeit und vor allem auch die Energieffizienz sollen sie nun auch in Servern ausspielen

Sun™ SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server

Samstag, Mai 3rd, 2008

sun_logo.jpg  the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 server is the first dual-socket, general-purpose server powered by the 3rd generation UltraSPARC® T2 Plus “system on a chip” processor, featuring up to 128 compute threads and running on the free and open source Solaris™ Operating System. Each processor packs up to eight cores and up to 64 simultaneous threads onto a single piece of silicon, together with the key functions of an entire system on a single chip – computing, security, and I/O