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Introduction to HL7 and Interfaces in Healthcare

Freitag, Mai 1st, 2020

HL7 SIU messages – notifies an auxiliary application of changes to some facet of the filler application’s appointment schedule

Sonntag, März 29th, 2020

The fourteen SIU messages include

SIU-S12 – Notification of new appointment booking
SIU-S13 – Notification of appointment rescheduling
SIU-S14 – Notification of appointment modification
SIU-S15 – Notification of appointment cancellation
SIU-S16 – Notification of appointment discontinuation
SIU-S17 – Notification of appointment deletion
SIU-S18 – Notification of addition of service/resource on appointment
SIU-S19 – Notification of modification of service/resource on appointment
SIU-S20 – Notification of cancellation of service/resource on appointment
SIU-S21 – Notification of discontinuation of service/resource on appointment
SIU-S22 – Notification of deletion of service/resource on appointment
SIU-S23 – Notification of blocked schedule time slot(s)
SIU-S24 – Notification of opened (“un-blocked”) schedule time slot(s)
SIU-S26 – Notification that patient did not show up for scheduled appointment

and the SIU-S14 message would look like this

SCH|00331839401|||||58||HLCK^HEALTHCHECK ANY AGE|20|MIN|^^^200803061000
PID|1||489671|0|SMITH^MICHAEL^||20080205|F|||176215TH STREET^HOUSTON^TX^77306||(832)795-
PV1|1|O|||||HHR^NGUYENSUSAN MD|^||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||
AIL|1||HHR^FPCS NGUYEN, MD||||||||||

FHIR Release 4 v4.0.1 – are also now normative, including the RESTful API, the XML and JSON formats, the terminology layer, the conformance framework as well as Patient and Observation resources

Dienstag, Januar 28th, 2020

The JSON representation for a resource is based on the JSON format described in STD 90 (RFC 8259) and is described using this format

„resourceType“ : „[Resource Type]“,
// from Source: property0
„property1“ : „<[primitive]>“, // short description
„property2“ : { [Data Type] }, // short description
„property3“ : { // Short Description
„propertyA“ : { CodeableConcept }, // Short Description (Example)
„property4“ : [{ // Short Description
„propertyB“ : { Reference(ResourceType) } // R! Short Description

HL7-Mitteilungen Aktuelle Ausgabe Nr. 43/2019

Donnerstag, Oktober 24th, 2019

HL7-Mitteilungen Aktuelle Ausgabe Nr. 42/2019

Montag, Oktober 14th, 2019

HL7 Analyst 1.0 – allows users to view, edit, and save Version 2.x HL7 messages

Freitag, August 2nd, 2019

HL7 Analyst – allows users to view, edit, and save Version 2.x HL7 messages you’ll never have to count pipe characters in notepad again

samedi HL7-Gateway – vernetzt das Gesundheitswesen und optimiert medizinische Arbeitsabläufe und Prozesse. Einfach, effizient und sicher

Donnerstag, August 1st, 2019

samedi HL7-Gateway – Anforderungen und Leistungsbeschreibung

Securing HL7 Messages with HTTPS (SSL/TLS) – there is an introduction to the concepts of Transport Layer Security then we show you how you can create your own SSL certificate or how to install it if you get one from a certificate authority

Samstag, Juli 27th, 2019

HL7 Inspector Neo – is a simple small online HL7 message editor

Samstag, Juli 27th, 2019

The HL7 Inspector NEO – is a useful hl7 tool for integration the HL7 in a health care environmental – is a feature rich platform where you find all defining HL7 FHIR resources

Dienstag, März 19th, 2019

Cerner Healthcare – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are now live with SMART on FHIR enabling app integration with the EHR

Sonntag, Oktober 14th, 2018

HL7-Mitteilungen Aktuelle Ausgabe Nr. 41/2019

Montag, Oktober 8th, 2018

HL7-Mitteilungen Aktuelle Ausgabe Nr. 40/2018

Montag, Oktober 1st, 2018

Tiani Spirit Electronic Health Record (SpiritEHR) – for exchanging medical information enables care providers to give better, safer, more efficient care throughout the entirety of the patient’s pathway, whilst enforcing information governance and reducing overall costs

Mittwoch, August 1st, 2018

HL7 ‚Keep Alive‘ message – exemplarisch an einer POCT1-A Nachricht der Hello Nachricht (HEL.R01) soll nun der Aufbau von POCT1-A-Nachrichten im Detail erklärt werden es handelt sich hierbei um die erste Nachricht die von einem Gerät versendet wird sie ist mit einer Verbindungsanfrage gleichzusetzen

Donnerstag, Juli 26th, 2018