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Unsichere IoT Geräte – im LAN absichern

Donnerstag, Mai 13th, 2021

Snort 2.9.x – capturing without putting the interface into promiscuous mode

Sonntag, Januar 10th, 2021

Snort – by default captures packets in promiscuous mode meaning it logs all traffic on the network to which it is attached but if the -p option is used to disable promiscuous mode sniffing

ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.3 – is a minor release with enhanced features and functionality

Montag, Februar 15th, 2016

scriptlogic_logo.jpg   ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.3 – added support for Windows 10 Client

ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.1 – how to upgrade version 8 to version 9.1

Dienstag, April 8th, 2014

ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.1 – is a minor release which introduces a number of new features

Donnerstag, Juni 27th, 2013

scriptlogic_logo.jpg   ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.1 now supports Windows 8, Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 and Internet Explorer 10


Dell Desktop Authority – how to disable log off and shutdown notifications

Mittwoch, Juni 12th, 2013

ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.1 – is expected to support Microsoft Server 2012, Windows 8, and SQL 2012

Sonntag, März 24th, 2013

scriptlogic_logo.jpg   ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.1 is expected to be released 2nd quarter of 2013


ScriptLogic Desktop Authority Version 9 – how to configure USB Port security

Samstag, Dezember 29th, 2012

Quest Workspace Desktop Authority Version 9 – how to upgrade

Samstag, Oktober 20th, 2012

ScriptLogic Desktop Authority Version 8 – ein extrem mächtiges Werkzeug um sämtliche Windowssysteme zentral einzurichten

Sonntag, August 5th, 2012

ScriptLogic Desktop Authority Version 9 – how to upgrade

Mittwoch, Juli 18th, 2012

ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.0 Beta – with a completely new web-based management console

Samstag, März 3rd, 2012

scriptlogic_logo.jpg    ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 9.0 Beta can detect if it’s running in VMWare, Microsoft or Citrix virtual machines let admins tailor configuration settings for virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) implementations


ScriptLogic Desktop Authority Express 8 – die eingeschränkte Variante von Desktop Authority

Montag, Januar 30th, 2012

scriptlogic_logo.jpg  drmorawietz_logo.jpg   Die kleine Lösung von ScriptLogic Desktop Authority ist ScriptLogic Desktop Authority Express – die in der Branche führende Lösung zur Desktopverwaltung für Windows basierte Netzwerke verringert maßgeblich die Gesamtbetriebskosten für Desktops und Anwendungen indem der Administrator die Sicherung, Verwaltung, Inventur und Unterstützung von einem zentralen Standort aus durchführen kann


ScriptLogic Desktop Authority 8.1.2 – things you need to know

Samstag, Oktober 15th, 2011

scriptlogic_logo.jpg  ScriptLogic Desktop Authority focused on bringing back the simplicity of our login-based deployment but designed for the new security requirements of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Desktop Authority 8.1 features Smart Client Provisioning – the industry’s first flexible automatic client deployment system


Scriptlogic Desktop Authority 8.0.4 – New Computer Management capabilities

Sonntag, Oktober 17th, 2010

scriptlogic_logo.jpg  Desktop Authority 8.0.4 represents the most significant release of new features in three years. With version 8.0, Desktop Authority gains the ability to manage computers that do not have a user logged-on, including patch management, software distribution, web-based remote support console, new licensing options, and group policy-based agent deployment