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VMware vSphere Compliance Checker – is a robust utility providing detailed compliance checks against the Hardening Guidelines

Samstag, Juni 21st, 2014

vmware_logo.jpg   Check the compliance of your IT infrastructure against specific standards and best practices that are applicable for the Environment – the VMware vSphere Compliance Checker is a free downloadable fully-functional product for checking compliance of your environment to help you ensure that it remains secure and compliant


VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC) – single and multiple host configuration

Samstag, Mai 31st, 2014

vmware_logo.jpg   VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC) is a feature in vSphere 5.5 that utilizes the vSphere Flash Infrastructure layer to provide a host-level caching functionality for virtual machine I/Os using flash storage. The goal of introducing the vFRC feature is to enhance performance of certain I/O workloads that exhibit characteristics suitable for Caching


VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) – analyses millions of metrics from vSphere and existing monitoring tools to learn the behavior of your infrastructure

Donnerstag, März 6th, 2014