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DataCore SANsymphony-V – time drift issues

Donnerstag, April 4th, 2013

datacore_logo.jpg vtricks_logo.jpg   SANsymphony-V relies on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to keep a secure connection between the two DataCore servers. Unfortunately WCF doesn’t tolerate time changes greater than 30 seconds. So if we look again at the log message posted by the windows time service.

The system time has changed to ‎2013‎-‎03‎-‎24T00:01:49.899001000Z from ‎2013‎-‎03‎-‎24T00:01:13.333675100Z

So the system time has been changed by more than 30 seconds. This will cause the connection between SANsymphony-V nodes to break. This will force the DataCore server to perform some actions like “reviewing” its inventory to know exactly know what’s going on. And this is what causes these alarming but innocuous log messages


DataCore SANsymphony-V R9.0 – redundant mirror paths properly configured

Sonntag, Februar 24th, 2013

datacore_logo.jpg   vtricks_logo.jpg … as you can see we got 4 paths between our storage servers even we got only two physical connections. This is because a storage node uses both (or more) ports to login on his partner node and vice versa what results in 4 “logical” paths. Only then you will be able to unplug a cable with no impact on your virtual disks because then the “active” path can failover to his “standby” path


DataCore SANsymphony-V R9.0 PSP2 – Update 1 released

Samstag, Februar 16th, 2013

datacore_logo.jpg   Just a few days after the release of PSP2 now update 1 is out – this update fixes some problems with the installation process of SSV 9.0 PSP2


DataCore SANsymphony-V R9.0 PSP2 – available with new features

Dienstag, Februar 12th, 2013

datacore_logo.jpg   SANsymphony-V Storage Virtualization Software Version 9.0 PSP2 – this release adds new features such as added support for Microsoft Windows 2012 Performance Recording and Support for Up to 8 nodes per server group




DataCore SANsymphony-V R9.0 – monitoring and SNMP integration

Sonntag, Februar 10th, 2013

DataCore SANsymphony-V R9.0 PSP1 Update1 – critical mandatory update

Donnerstag, November 22nd, 2012

datacore_logo.jpg   Any Customers with DataCore SANsymphony-V 9.0 Update1 or PSP1 must update asap – please refer to the release notes obtained from FAQ 1419

Problem: A storage pool may be marked as failed or offline although the physical disks appear to be healthy

Cause: When certain background pool operations are interrupted by internal pool reloading logic the pool catalog information was incorrectly updated

Resolution: A code change was made to not update the catalog during the reloading operation

DataCore SANsymphony-V R9.0 – maximizes the availability performance and utilization of disks in data centers

Donnerstag, Juli 19th, 2012

DataCore SANsymphony-V R9.0 – optimiert für Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Dienstag, Juni 26th, 2012

datacore_logo.jpg   DataCore Storage Hypervisor SANsymphony-V 9.0 erweitert um Funktionalitäten die den Storage-Hypervisor durch noch höhere Skalierbarkeit Flexibilität und Automation für den Einsatz in Cloud Umgebungen optimieren – eignet sich besonders für große Rechenzentren Private Cloud Infrastrukturen und Cloud Service Provider


DataCore SANsymphony-V – for information and instructions on configuration

Sonntag, Mai 13th, 2012


DataCore SANsymphony-V R8.1 – to receive a free not for production license key

Sonntag, Februar 5th, 2012

datacore_logo.jpg   If you are a VMware vExpert, VMware Certified Professional or VMware Certified Instructor, DataCore Software  is offering a FREE 1 year NFR license. A DataCore SANsymphony-V Not-for-resale (NFR) license can only be used in a non-production environment, for evaluation, demonstration and training purposes only


TwinStrata CloudArray – more flexibility and greater cost control by enabling them to include cloud storage in their virtual storage architecture

Mittwoch, Oktober 12th, 2011

twinstrata_logo.png   TwinStrata CloudArray is an enterprise-class cloud storage gateway that integrates seamlessly with DataCore SANSymphony-V Storage Hypervisor software to enable secure and economical expansion of your storage capacity without limits into the cloud. Instantly and seamlessly add pay-as-you go tiers of storage to offload and augment your existing storage environment


DataCore SANsymphony-V 8.1 – automated storage tiering

Samstag, September 17th, 2011

datacore_logo.jpg    DataCore SANsyphony-V automated storage tiering – optimizes across different types of storage by dynamically choosing between fast / expensive assets (e.g., SSDs) and lower cost / higher capacity storage resources


DataCore SANsymphony-V 8.1 – Tiered Storage organize storage into different groups to best meet different availability performance and cost requirements

Freitag, August 5th, 2011

datacore_logo.jpg   DataCore SANsymphony-V Tiered storage reduces costs and optimizes performance. You can reserve your most pricey disks for the most critical and demanding applications while you assign lower cost drives to lower priority workloads. Often customers choose Solid State Drives (SSD) for an exclusive set of workloads whereas they set aside relatively inexpensive large capacity SATA drives for online backups. The same application may take advantage of different tiers. For example a database applications may employ disks from the high performance high availability tier for critical log files but use low-end high-density drives for its scratch files


DataCore SANsymphony-V – geplanter Lizenztausch ab August 2011

Sonntag, Juli 10th, 2011


DataCore SANsymphony-V – Introduction

Mittwoch, Februar 2nd, 2011

datacore_logo.JPG   DataCore SANsymphony-V software solves difficult storage-related challenges introduced by server and desktop virtualization cloud computing and more general expansion business continuity and disaster recovery initiatives. It forms an active transparent virtualization layer across disk storage devices to maximize the availability performance and utilization of data centers large and small