Oracle Linux Oracle Container Runtime for Docker – verify readiness of Database switchover using Data Guard Validate command

   Oracle Data Guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for Oracle database. Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services for DR solution. The services can be used to create, maintain, manage, monitor one or more standby databases, and validate the database for the readiness of role switch. Data Guard can switch any standby database manually or automatically in case the production database becomes unavailable due to a planned or unplanned outage. Data Guard minimizes the downtime associated with the outage. Oracle Data Guard is included with the Enterprise Edition and Personal Edition of the Oracle database software

Docker Container: ora19cp, ora19cs
Oracle Database version:
Oracle Database Edition: Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition
Container database: False

docker run -i -t -d –privileged -v /home/dps/Docker/shared:/shared -p 15219:1521 –hostname ora19c_primary –name ora19cp dps/oracle19c
docker run -i -t -d –privileged -v /home/dps/Docker/shared:/shared -p 15220:1521 –hostname ora19c_standby –name ora19cs dps/oracle19c

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