VMware vSphere – how to check NVMe Drives Total Bytes Written (TBW) with PowerCLI

A maximum Total Bytes Written (TBW) guarantee is typically provided by the vendor in their specifications this value describes how data can be written to the entire device until the warranty expires and the current value can be checked with S.M.A.R.T.


Connect to the ESXi Host with SSH Identify NVMe drives

# esxcli nvme device list
HBA Name Status Signature
——– —— ———————
vmhba0 Online nvmeMgmt-nvme00610000

Get the „Data Units Written“ counter

# esxcli nvme device log smart get -A vmhba0 |grep Written
Data Units Written: 0xe1c78d

The counter is hexadecimal and convert it to decimal this can be done also from the command line

# printf „%d\n“ 0xe1c78d

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