VMware Knowledge Base – Broadcom 5719/5720 NICs using tg3 driver becomes unresponsive and stops traffic

vmware_logo.jpg   When a system uses the tg3 driver with 1 Gb NICs the logs report excessive NetQueue messages similar to:

… cpu14:2091)<6>tg3 : vmnic3: RX NetQ allocated on 1
… cpu14:2091)<6>tg3 : vmnic3: NetQ set RX Filter: 1 [00:50:56:7f:96:94 0]
… cpu12:2091)<6>tg3 : vmnic3: NetQ remove RX filter: 1
… cpu12:2091)<6>tg3 : vmnic3: Free NetQ RX Queue: 1 

This issue is seen to occur on Broadcom 5719/5720 NICs where the NICs stop functioning or responding when used for NFS or virtual machine network traffic

To work around this issue turn off NetQueue

# esxcli system settings kernel set -s netNetqueueEnabled -v FALSE
# reboot

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