Solaris 10 / SUN SamFS 4.6 – Working with SamFS / Planning Issues for the Recycling Process

Recycling is the process of reclaiming space on archive volumes. The recycler works with the archiver to reclaim the space occupied by unused archive copies. As users modify files, the archive copies associated with the old versions can be purged from the system

# cat /etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/archiver.cmd
fs = samfs1
arset1_dir01 dir01
1 30s
2 120s

arset1 .
1 30s
2 1200s

allsets -recycle_hwm 50 -recycle_mingain 50 -recycle_vsncount 1

arset1.1 dk disk11
arset1.2 dk disk21
arset1_dir01.1 dk disk12
arset1_dir01.2 dk disk22
samfs1.1 dk disk10

-recycle_hwm 50 „high water mark “ – Percentage of the total storage space in the library that must be utilized before recycling will occur

-recycle_mingain 50 „minimum gain“ – Percentage of the VSN that must be expired archives before it can be recycled

-recycle_vsncount 1 – „VSN count“ – Maximum number of VSNs recycled in one recycler run

Creating a crontab File for the Recycler If the system is performing as expected, you are ready to make a crontab entry for the superuser to run the recycler periodically, every two hours or more, depending on your site’s conditions

# export EDITOR
# crontab -e

5 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23 * * * /opt/SUNWsamfs/sbin/sam-recycler

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