Solaris 10 / SUN SamFS 4.6 – Working with SamFS / Command Reference

samcmd                  Executes one samu operator interface utility command
samd                      Starts or stops robotic and removable media daemons
samexplorer            Generates a SamFS diagnostic report script
samfsconfig             Displays configuration information
samfsdump              Creates a dump file of a SamFS file system
samfsinfo                Displays the layout SamFS file system
samfsrestore           Restores a dump file of a SamFS file system
samgrowfs               Adds disk partitions to an existing Sun StorEdge
sammkfs                 Initializes a new file system from disk device
samu                      Invokes the full-screen, text-based operator interface
sam-recycler           Reclaims space used by expired archive copies

archiver                   syntax completeness check and semantic accuracy
showqueue              Displays the content of an archiver queue file

star                         Restores file data from archives.zpool                      configures ZFS storage pools


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